Reason Why CA Study Won’t Be Sharing Any Suggested for Nov 2018 for The Time Being


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Hello Everyone,
This is for kind notice of all of you friends that we won’t be sharing any Suggested Answers issued by any faculty be it for intermediate or final.

?Most probably at least not before 30th Nov 2018.The reason for same is, I think this is the time for Nov 2018 Students to relax and have fun, live free and feel fresh. I don’t want these moments to be spoiled. Imagine a guy still tallying his answers with suggested issued by faculties and getting tensed about marks.I am definitely not against respected faculties.

They are doing their work and providing inputs to students.For the students who didn’t have exam in Nov 2018 but just want to see the question paper, attempt and then tally with the suggested answers issued by faculties whether answers are right or wrong.Oh come on!! There are numerous RTP, MTP, Past Attempt Question Papers you must first try them. All I wana sat whether you have given exam in Nov 2018 or not.This is NOT THE RIGHT TIME to go through Suggested.Think how hard you guys have worked who have exams in Nov 2018, sacrificing every damn thing in this world and focusing on exam. So now you deserve the free time and joy that will rebuild you again for moving forward at the same or even greater pace.
Have a good time guys :-)?

Thanks for Your Constant Support & Love,For Team CA Study,Devansh Singh Gour,Developer cum Owner
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