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CA Study Usher

Hello Everyone,

This is Devansh Singh Gour, founder of CA Study here. I need to make certain important announcements. These announcements are regarding certain services of CA Study which will cease on temporary basis. Till my next announcement following services of CA Study will no longer be available –

  • CA Study’s YouTube Updates.
  • CA Study’s Whatsapp Group (New Members Joining as well as discussion in current groups both will cease)
  • CA Study’s Articles Worth Reading.

To make our services even better & looking to our objective of sustainable development as a whole of CA Study in long term, we need to close these services on temporary basis.

We are sure as we will begin providing above mentioned services again, everyone will definitely see a improved version of these services than ever.

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ca study

Thanks for the Love & Support till Now & wishing same continues in future too 🙂

For Team CA Study,
Devansh Singh Gour

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