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 11 Crucial Tips and Suggestions Before Appearing for the Exam:

Less than 10 days to go for the exams to start, and I am cent percent sure all of you are in full force to appear and crack them with confidence.
But as we all know, this is CA Exams, and this is a ‘composite Supply’ of Tension and nervousness.
So naturally this makes students feel so many things inside their mind about many a things, which ofcourse they should not.
I wish to share with you some of such important things which you all need to take care of to ensure your exams go well and without any tension.
So here we go!
1. Please ensure you DO NOT believe on any incorrect social media posts or information such as
“This chapter is sure shot coming”
“This paper is expected tough”
“ICAI will keep strict checking”
All these things are always not true at all and are meant to deviate you from your studies.
2. Please take 1 exam at a time. When you prepare for Paper 1, DO NOT think about Paper 2 or Paper 3. 
This will spoil your Paper 1 link and it may not prove good. 
After exams, forget how it was and get back to Paper 2! 
This will bring in a lot of peace in your mind.
3. Please get all your queries solved from experts rather than other students. 
Please consult the subject professor rather than getting more confused by asking other students.
4. Please try to avoid discussing the exam once it is over. You have done your best in the gone 3 hours, and now leave it on your fate and God. 
Discussing wont change your answers. 
This will panic others also. Be friendly to others’ emotions also.
5. Keep yourself motivated and optimistic. Avoid contacts with negative crowd and stay away from negative events. Watch motivational videos or interviews if needed.
6. Ample of students think CA exams means study, study & study! No never! 
You need to take proper rest in between and small breaks. 
You are not a machine to work non stop. Take proper sleep also.
7. Health is Wealth ! Please avoid outside food, fatty foods and other drinks which are not healthy for us. You can bare for 16 days / 8 days ofcourse.
8. Keep yourself updated & be final with the books you will read for each subject. Same applies for amendments. Avoid asking others their books, because it is bound to confuse you, which is highly avoidable at this point.
9. Do not put yourself in others’ shoes. Mind your own work. Let others do whatever they are. You are not required to copy others.
10. Avoid relatives at this point of time. Be selfish now, not social. Remember they are relatives, so they wont stop chasing you if you cut off with them for 16 days.
11. Do not feel bogged down if your paper is not good. Forget about it and try for exemption in the next paper. You never know what results will bring to you! Give your 100% in every paper.

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I wish all the best to all of you, and do your best !
PS – Originally posted on CA Final Notes Telegram Channel 

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