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By Apurva Gupta I have cleared my CA FINAL group 2 in November 2017 exams and have got an exemption in costing 68 marks. As we all know the syllabus of costing is very vast and also the paper comes out to be lengthy and tricky enough to depress you, still you can score good marks, may be by applying some methods during preparation : 1.First of all, let me tell you that assume you won’t be having any choice in this paper as the last ques would be of theory and attempt that only at the time you have no idea of what to do in practical and you sure about the theory question. 2.Doesn’t matter which classes you opt for studies, learn the basic concept of the chapter and the problems in it. 3.Start your preparation with OR as this would be easy and quick to complete. 4.You will have to compulsarily do PM for both Cost and OR as this will give you the idea of questions that struck the papers. 5.Make a short compiler for your conceptual understanding during studies so that it will help you during the final hours before exams. 6.Many would suggest you to go only through PM as it has lot of questions but believe me, if it would be the targeted paper (as it happened in May 2017) people will sweat who believed only in PM. I repeat, do clear your concept first. No doubt PM will help you, but only for more practice. 7.

The part C of PM should be done and revised properly as the compulsary question of 20 marks mostly covers that part. 8.Also, I think itz better to solve 50 questions twice rather doing 100 sums only once, as practicing the same stuff for more than once build up the confidence. 9.Do past year papers and RTPs for sure. Even if you are short of time, skip the low weightage chapters and look to the papers for sure as this will give you the idea of how thorough you are with the subject. If possible, do papers just after you complete first revision. 10.Practice questions at home in writing atleast once for each type of sums, doing audit of your notes won’t work.This will also save your time during exam that would otherwise got waste due to thinking about format and making wrong tables and lines in the answersheet. 11.

The paper is going to be lengthy, so do complete your solutions in 25 to 30 minutes and if you cant leave that and jump to next. Step marking is there so better to answer as many questions as possible.

Hope it will help you, thanks and good luck 🙂 Source – CA Notes Telegram Channel Uploaded on CA Study – Play Store App for CA Students Link to download App –

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