Small Message for CA Final Students from Me

Hello Everyone,
I would like to keep this post short and meaningful. All i want to say you is DON’T LOOK ON THE REVIEWS BEING SPREAD EVERYWHERETrust me guys it doesn’t matter you had a good Paper or bad.Just let it go and focus on SFM. Don’t watch Review videos, don’t look for other students opinion, don’t look for any damn thing in this world talking about FR Paper.

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Be your Paper was good or bad. I am saying this and I meant it. It will affect your mental, psychological & emotional state. Just focus on Up Coming instead of What’s Gone. I will not post any reviews ratings blah blah.. Within next half hour I will share a post which may help you in SFM Preparation. 
Regards, For Team CA Study, Devansh Singh Gour, Owner cum Developer 

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