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➡️ 60-40 Rule.First of all, try to understand that, writing 100% paper with 100% quality is not possible. It is a myth that you can complete full paper and do justice to all questions equally. So now what do we do?.Divide your paper in 60-40. First 60 marks you should write very nicely. You should write in-depth answers to the same. Answers should be written in such a way that the examiner is impressed by them.

It should cover all the important and necessary points. These answers should be perfect in every possible manner..But you will attempt these 60 marks in first 2 hours i.e. 120 minutes. That means you will have 2 minutes for every 1 mark. For example, if you have are solving 5 marks question, then you have 10 minutes to solve it or if you have 6 marks question you have 12 minutes. So these 60 marks should be attempted in the best possible way. So if you score 80% in these 60 marks it will be 48 marks, which is a fair score. Even if you score 75% that comes to 45 marks.You will solve remaining 40 marks in 1 hour that means 1.5 minute for every mark. If you take 45-50 minutes it will be very beneficial.

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This way even if you score 1 mark in every question totalling to 10-15 marks from these 40 marks. It will be a good attempt. This way you will be able to attempt 100% paper..➡️ Last Page Rule.As soon as you get the answer sheet, go to the last page. Here write down all SA numbers, CARO clause numbers, tax audit clause numbers, professional ethics clause numbers. If you are from IPCC then write down companies act sections. Write down everything that is difficult to remember. Otherwise, what happens when you start writing the paper you just become blank. You think I just knew the clause number but right now I am not able to remember it.

You get confused and tend to write wrong clause numbers. Writing them down on the last page will help you write correct numbers and clear your confusions whenever needed..➡️ Used Pen Rule.You should try to use a pen you have already used earlier. Do not try a new pen. A used pen is smoother and you are used to writing with it. So your speed will be faster with that pen. Actually, I have even seen many students and even toppers use those 2-3 rs pens. These pens I suppose are very light and they glide faster. So it gives good speed toy your writing..➡️ Use of Writing Pad.This is an unusual tip. But if it helps then its good. I have heard someone giving this tip so thought of sharing with you..Try to keep 2-3 pages between the page you are writing on and your writing pad. Your answer sheet is of 30-32 pages. So when you keep such a big bunch of papers underneath it becomes very soft and this may reduce your speed of writing. So keeping just 2-3 pages would help you to improve your speed and save time..➡️ Avoid Distractions.

Please try to avoid any kind of distractions whatsoever. Forget everything and anything around you. Because you are in a deep thought when you are writing your paper. So when you get distracted it takes a lot of time to again concentrate and come back to the place from where you got distracted..➡️ Solve easy ones first.One of the popular tips. Please solve the easy questions first. But do not spend a lot of time on them Keep in mind that you have 2 minutes for every mark. You cannot be spending more time on these easy ones..➡️ Difficult questions.It generally happens with students that they give too much time to some difficult questions which disrupts their flow of writing the paper. So please be very cautious and careful while spending time on the difficult questions. Please follow or 60-40 rule while giving time to the questions..

I hope these tips help you to achieve greater milestones. Best of Luck.
– Ravi Taroi Sir

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