Message for CA Final Old Syllabus Students by CA Nikhil Ahuja Sir

 LDR For Nov 2018 – CA Final – (Old) 
— Trust your preparation —
Financial Reporting
1) Most Important – Valuation of Goodwill + Shares (Fetches you around 12-16 marks) 
From business valuation part – Brand Valuation (Important)
2) Most Important AS
AS 26, 7, PPE, 25, 2 (Joint & By Product), 17, 12, 20(Sum in PM Bonus for convertible debentures),15(Settlement Obligation sum)
3) Value Added Statement – Utmost Important
(Expect a lengthy sum, revise sum with Excise Duty as ‘x’ and sum with Increase in stock and decrease in stock adjustment)
4) Amalgamation & Corporate Restructuring
Practice any one sum of Demerger, Buy Back, Inter Co adjustment. 
5) CFS – Dividend Adjustment sum is important. Practise sum of Minority Interest from AS (Pm), Cross holding.
6) Dividend Equalisation Sum from mutual funds chapter. 
7) NBFC – Systematic Provision.
8) ESOP – Graded Vesting
9) Chapter 8 and 3 of PM is very important. 
10) Market Value added, Ind AS vis-a-vis AS 30/31/32 – Practise sums of staff loan, settlement date & trade date, Amortized cost, FVTPL and other one. 

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Good Luck. Spread the word. Give it your best shot, stop thinking about how your paper is going to be, start thinking about how you are going to complete it full. 
All the very best.
-CA Nikhil Ahuja
Source – Originally Posted on CA Final Notes Telegram Channel. 

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