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ICAI Study Material for CA Foundation

The study material comprises of reference ICAI textbooks which will be useful for the students who wish to appear for the examination. The study material is available for free download through the official website of the institute. The students need to log onto the website and click on the link titled ‘Download Study Material’. They will then be directed to the page where they can choose the level of the exam they want to appear for. After selecting the level, they will be able to download the study material.

Students can easily download study material of CA Foundation from below links –

ICAI Study Material for CA Foundation

Principles & Practice of Accounting

Module I

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Module II

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Business Laws & Business Correspondence & Reporting

Business Laws

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Business Correspondence & Reporting

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Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning & Statistics

Business Mathematics

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Logical Reasoning

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Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge

Business Economics

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Business and Commercial Knowledge

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Download more CA Foudation Study Notes, RTP, MTP, Previous Years Question Papers etc

It is very important for students to get all above study resources at one place to download easily. Students can access the same from below link –


FAQs on ICAI Study Material for CA Foundation

Is ICAI study material enough for CA Foundation?

Yes, if you want to pass the CA exam. However, there are many other books available which may also help you prepare for the exam.

Which study material is best for CA Foundation?

ICAI’s study material is undoubtedly the best but students often need to revise entire subject quickly in which case study modules are not effective. In that case students can refer to summary books by different faculties on store.castudyweb.com

Can CA Foundation material download?

Yes. Study material provided by ICAI is free to download. Students can download the same easily by clicking this link.

Is ICAI study material free?

Soft copy ICAI material is free to download. However, hard copy requires students to pay. New Students registering for the first time gets a coupon from ICAI which they can use to order the books for free. However, if you subsequently need any book then you need to order the same from ICAI CDS website.

Can I clear CA foundation in 1 month?

If you have good knowledge of different subjects involved then yes it MAY BE POSSIBLE. However, its not gonna be easy.

Can I crack CA Foundation in 3 months?

Yes. 3 months are enough if student really tries hard on study. There are many students who study day and night in the last 3 months of exam and crack CA Foundation successfully.

What is the passing marks for CA Foundation?

Candidates need to secure minimum 40% marks in each paper and an aggregate of 55% in all four papers.

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