How to Live on a Budget When You’re a Student?


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Title: Tips to Live on a Budget in College

Description: It’s not a secret that students live on a budget. Find out more on how you can live on a budget during your academic journey.

How to Live on a Budget When You’re a Student?

Let’s face it – when you’re a college student, thinking about a budget doesn’t seem to be fun. Because of all the books, housing tuitions, coffees, and nights out, all the costs seem to add up every single day. Needless to say, most undergrads tend to live on a budget from student loans, part-time jobs, college essay writing services that they render, etc. However, the reality is that the financial habits that you cultivate in college will become part of your routine for the rest of your life. Check the following tips to see how you can build a strong financial foundation that you will thank yourself for later. 

Know What You Spend Your Money on

This is the number one rule for the students living on a budget. The reality is that more than 50% of adults fail to track their spending. Since more and more people use online banking systems, they don’t keep records of their expenses and income. This, in turn, usually causes so-called irresponsible spending. It is important to create the so-called budget to see where money finances come from and where they go out. Thus, you will see clearly where it’s better to cut back.  

Use Coupons and Discounts

Ensure to check your spam folder regularly to see if you’ve got any new coupons. Believe it or not, those small savings can work magic. Make a list of the places that you usually shop and sign up for all possible rewards. Check cashback options and make sure to always use your student ID to get discounts. There are always various student discounts at the places like restaurants, theaters, museums, and so on.

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Choose Home-Made Food

Eating out is a real financial trap that many students get into. In other words, learning to cook is a great opportunity to save some money. Needless to say that such a habit will help you become healthier. The latter means you will have to spend less on clinic visits and medicine. Thus, by making all those nutritious and yummy meals you invest in both your healthy future and solid financial situation. Besides, the money that you can save in the process can be spent on some services of essay editing college students are usually in need of. Skip eating out and get to work with some of the best essay writing or editing websites to have your paper proofread or written by essay writing experts. After all, it’s better than eating some addictive junk food and then failing to edit your essay.

Enjoy Free Stuff

College routine includes a lot of things that are actually free of charge. Instead of spending $35 to go out to enjoy some movie with snacks, ensure to check the college website to see if any performances are planned on campus. There are many sites online where they offer loads of free things for those with student IDs. If you’re not a fan of homemade food, ensure to check if your institution has any events that include free food and change your plans accordingly.

Categorize Your Expenses

In order to see your financial situation and categorize your expenses, ensure to log in to your online bank account. There, you will see how much money you have spent over the last month. Now create a list of all the things that you purchase as a rule and the average cost of each. It is important that you create categories for these expenses. Actually, it is important to provide two main categories – “want” and “necessity.” For instance, your favorite unicorn cappuccino would be labeled as a “want,” while a 10-day supply of pills that your doctor prescribed would be considered a “need.”

Below, you can see some of the most typical expenses that students have during the month:

  • College supplies
  • Gym
  • Room rent
  • Loan payments
  • Internet, phone
  • Insurance
  • Transportation, etc.

Talk to Your Mom and Dad

If your parents provide you with some money to cover your college expenses, do not hesitate to talk to them frankly. Discuss all the financial arrangements that you have. What is more, it is important to figure out what expenses your parents will cover and which you will have to deal with on your own.

Check Your Grants and Scholarships

Grant awards and scholarships could serve well to fund your college education without dealing with student loans. If there are any grants or scholarships for the academic year, ensure to get to know more about them.

Make sure you know what all the grants and scholarships are used for. A lot of funds have a range of restrictions on what students can spend money on. In some cases, you may only be able to spend your finances on tuition expenses and nothing else. At the same time, some other funds may provide you with an opportunity to spend funds on living expenses and some other options. In other words, you have to approach the organization that provides finances for your grant or scholarship and make things clear.

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