Exemption in appearing Advanced ITT Course Test of Candidates of Old Final Examination whose Membership has been Issued (26-10-2018)


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The Council at its 378th meeting held on 26th and 27thSeptember, 2018, by invoking the powers under Regulation 205 decided and passed the resolution to give one-time relaxation to the students of old final examination who completed the Advanced IT and Management Communication Course but did not pass Advanced IT course test being conducted by examination dept. and have since been granted membership of the Institute.“Resolved that the exemption from appearing in Advanced IT course test of candidates of old final examination whose membership has been issued on account of non-compliance of the Regulation 29D(i)(iii) and 51E/72E of the CA Regulation 1988, be allowed, as a one-time measure, with a view to avoid hardship to the candidates, as the Advanced IT Course Examination notification was issued on 1st January, 2018.Candidates of old final examination who have completed the Advanced IT course after 1st January, 2018 but did not pass Advanced IT course test being conducted by examination dept. are mandatorily required to pass the Advanced IT course test for being eligible for getting membership of the Institute.

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