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Please find text of the Civil Service Exams after CA Exam | ICAI to Start a New Program Soon notification below –

Civil Service Exams after CA Exam | ICAI to Start a New Program Soon

Committee for Members in Entrepreneurship and Public Service
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
30th March, 2022

Launch of Civil Services Orientation & Mentorship Programme for CA Members and CA Students aspiring to join Civil Services

The Committee for Members in Entrepreneurship and Public Service is pleased to announce the launch of 4 weekend classes of the ‘Civil Services Orientation & Mentorship Programme for Chartered Accountant and CA Students aspiring to join Civil Services’. Details are given as under: –

To pre- register, kindly visit the link(s) :

4 weeks (weekend) classes (starting from 09th April 2022) Total sessions – 8

Session Duration & Timing – 2 hours per session for 4 weekends (includes session break as decided by the faculty).

Sessions will be conducted over weekends only i.e., Saturdays (12 Noon to 2:00 PM) & Sundays (12 Noon to 2:00 PM) with breaks in between session.

Registration will be on “first-come, first-serve basis”.

Registration Fees – NIL

Attendance requirement – Members are required to attend a minimum 80% or more recommended

In case of any further query – kindly e-mail or call at 011-30110485

With Warm Regards,
Committee Secretariat
Committee for Members in Entrepreneurship and Public Service

More about Civil Service Exams after CA Exam | ICAI to Start a New Program Soon –

What’s the purpose of this orientation & mentorship program?

Civil Services are the backbone of the administrative machinery of the country and many Chartered Accountants aspire to join. Therefore, the ICAI has designed a orientation / mentorship programme to provide an overview of the topics covered in Civil Services examination by renowned faculties which shall guide and motivate CA Members and Students to take up the Civil Services course and provide them basic information on the course content.

The Civil Services Programme is divided into two parts; orientation level & mentorship level. The interested candidates who have succesfully undertaken orientation level of course can join mentorship programme.

The objective of the training programme is to provide CA members and students who aspire to join Civil Services, a hand holding and mentorship programme through expert panel of chartered accountants / Academicians.

Schedule of Civil Service orientation & mentorship program?

9 April 2022
12 pm- 2 pm
Overview of Civil Services Exams and How to Start Preparation
·    About civil services exam
·    When to start preparation
·    Eligibility criteria
·    Marking pattern of various stages
·    How much time to devote
·    How to pursue Civil Services Exams with CA Job/Practice/Finals
·    Myths about civil services exam

10 April 2022
12 pm- 2 pm
2 Prelims examination : Detailed Overview
·  Syllabus by UPSC
·    Previous year pattern
·    How to prepare in integrated manner with Mains
·    How to solve MCQs
·  CSAT Pattern

16 April 2022
12 pm- 2 pm
NCERTs Strategy, Basic & Advanced Books List
·    Relevance of NCERTs in exam
·    How to read NCERTs
·    Old vs New NCERTs
·    List of NCERTs to be covered
·    Basic & advanced books list

ca study

17 April 2022
12 pm- 2 pm
Time Table, Notes Making Approach & Revision Strategy
·  Time schedule for working professionals
·  Daily, Weekly & Overall Time Schedule
·  How to make daily notes
·  How to make revision notes
·  Online vs offline notes
·  How to revise effectively

3 April 2022
12 pm- 2 pm
Current affairs & Newspaper Reading Approach
·  Which newspaper and which pages to read
·    How to make current affairs notes
·    Monthly Magazine
·  Yojana, Kurukshetra, India Year Book
·    Economic Survey & Budget
·    Prelims vs Mains current affairs

24 April 2022
12 pm- 2 pm
GS Mains Approach and Answer Writing Strategy and Tips
·    Approach to prepare for GS Mains
·    How to write introduction, body & conclusion
·    Value addition in the answers
·    Diagrams making
Evaluation criteria

30 April 2022
12 pm- 2 pm
Optional Selection Strategy +
Commerce & Accountancy (Optional)
·    Commerce & Accountancy optional : Components
·    Previous year questions pattern of commerce & Accountancy
·    Numerical vs Theoretical composition
·    Tips to score high marks
·    Answer writing Tips

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01 May 2022
12 pm- 2 pm
Interview preparation Guidance
·    Requirements of this stage
·    How to prepare for interview
·    Traits and qualities required to score high marks
·    Myths & Tips about interview preparaion
·    Profile of UPSC Board members

Should I prepare anything before attending the sessions ?

No prior preparation is required. We will cover everything from basics.

Will my queries be solved in the session ?

Yes, you will get a chance to ask queries at the end of each session from the faculty.

Who are the faculties/Speakers ?

Civil Servants from CA background and other renowned academicians/experts.

Can I start prepartion of civil services after this program ?

Absolutely Yes, this is completely exam oriented program for beginners with CA Background.

Will we get the recordings of the session ?

We are recommending you to attend the sessions live to get the maximum advantage.

Official Link of Civil Service Exams after CA Exam | ICAI to Start a New Program Soon notification can be accessed from below –

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