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About CA Inter MTP 2023

CA Inter MTP (Mock Test Papers) is a mock or imaginary test paper where marks are not counted but it only serves as practice for future exams, so that you can set a grade for yourself and accordingly plan your studies.

These MTPs are designed to help CA students prepare for their exams by providing them with practice questions that are similar to what they might encounter on the actual exam. The MTPs cover various topics from the CA syllabus and are released a few months before the exams, providing students with an opportunity to assess their preparation level and identify any areas where they may need additional practice. The CA Inter MTP considered to be an important resource for CA students to ensure that they are well-prepared and confident on exam day.

CA Inter MTP Nov 2023 – Series II

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CA Inter MTP Nov 2023 – Series I

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CA Inter MTP May 2023 – Series I

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CA Inter MTP May 2023 – Series II

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CA Inter MTP Nov 2022 – Series I

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CA Inter MTP Nov 2022 – Series II

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CA Inter MTP May 2022 – Series I

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CA Inter MTP May 2022 – Series II

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CA Inter MTP December 2021 – Series I

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CA Inter MTP December 2021 – Series II

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CA Inter MTP May 2021

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CA Inter MTP Nov 2020

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FAQs Relating to CA Inter MTPs

How are the Mock Test Papers (MTPs) made available to CA students?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) conducts mock test paper series in physical/virtual mode(s) for students interested in physical mode of Mock Test Papers. Students who wish to give the physical examination will have to approach their respective ICAI branches in their areas.

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What information does the MTP contain which is not covered in the Study Materials?

The MTP contains the Statutory Update in law and taxation subjects, which covers amendments
which are applicable for the forthcoming examination, which are not discussed in the relevant
edition of Study Material applicable for the said examination. In other subjects also, the MTP
contains the developments in the subject relevant for examination purposes. It is important for you
to read the RTP since these updates are applicable for the relevant examination.

How are the questions given in the MTP helpful for examination purposes?

1. CA Intermediate Mock tests are a kind of revision tool that gives the opportunity to recall the entire syllabus before a few weeks of the exam.
2. Mock tests will give you a real-exam experience that helps in reducing nervousness and stress.
3. By regularly solving the mock test papers, students learn how to manage their time in a lengthy paper of CA Intermediate.
4. Mock Test papers will also help you in knowing the CA Intermediate exam pattern, difficulty level and the types of questions that can be asked in the exams.

Does the MTP reflect the question paper pattern of actual examination?

Yes. MTP does reflect the question paper pattern of actual examination. Mock Test Papers
(MTPs) will give you an idea of the paper pattern.

Are MTPs available in Hindi for students who have opted for Hindi medium?

Yes. The MTPs in Hindi are webhosted at the BoS Knowledge Portal. For May, 2019 examination,
you can go to the respective subject page in the BoS Knowledge Portal and click on MTP and
thereafter, on May 2019 – Hindi Medium.

Where Can I Download ICAI Mock Test Papers

Go to the ICAI website at
Click on the “Students” tab on the top menu bar and select “BoS Knowledge Portal” from the drop-down menu.
On the BoS Knowledge Portal page, click on the “Mock Test Papers” tab on the left-hand side.
You will see a list of MTPs organized by exam level and subject. Select the MTP you want to download.
Once you have selected the MTP, click on the download link provided next to it.
The RTP will be downloaded to your device in PDF format.
Alternatively, you can also access the RTPs through the ICAI e-learning portal or the ICAI CA Intermediate or Final App. These options may require you to log in with your ICAI student registration credentials.

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