CA Final LAW ABC Analysis for May 2022 Attempt

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Hello Everyone,

Please check the CA Final Audit ABC Analysis for May 2022 Attempt :-

CA Final LAW ABC Analysis for May 2022 Attempt

Forget Audit Paper and Start Preparing for Law

Chapter Name, Chapter Numbering ICAI Study Material

Category ACategory BCategory C
80 Marks25 Marks15 Marks
Concept notes: ICAI Study Material M, Past year
Questions, RTP
Concept notes: ICAI Study Material M, Past year
Questions, RTP
Concept notes: ICAI Study Material M, Past year
Questions, Past Year RTP
Appointment And Qualifications Of Directors Ch –
1 Section A
The Arbitration And Conciliation Act, 1996 Ch – 5
Section c
Miscellaneous Provisions Ch – 10
Meetings Of Board And Its Powers Ch – 2 Section AThe Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 Ch – 1
Section C
Winding Up Ch – 7
Appointment And Remuneration Of Managerial
Personnel Ch – 3 Section A
Inspection, Inquiry And Investigation Ch – 4 Section ANational Company Law Tribunal And Appellate Tribunal Ch – 9
The Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Ch – 6 Section CCompromises, Arrangements
And Amalgamations Ch – 5 Section A
Compounding Of Offences, Adjudication, Special Courts Ch
– 11
The Prevention Of Money Laundering Act, 2002 Ch – 3 Section CPrevention Of Oppression And Mismanagement Ch- 6 Section ACorporate Secretarial Practice- Drafting Of Notices, Resolutions, Minutes And
Reports Ch – 13
The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, 2010 Ch – 4
Section C
The Securities Exchange Board Of India Act, 1992 And Sebi (Listing Obligations And Disclosure Requirement)
Regulations, 2015 Section B
Foreign Co. Ch – 9

Important Points for Answer presentation in Law

Write complete provision in each Question [ For Eg.: If Question is referring to any point in
section 164, write complete section 164 first]
• Underline keywords in Provision & Conclusion
• Present Answer in point rather than in paragraph
• Presentation should be as follows:
As per provisions of the ………………Act
…………………. Provisions of Relevant section
In the given Case, ……………………..(Question Discussion)
Hence, is valid / not valid / tenable/ not Tenable etc. (conclusion

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