Get Featured in SSEB Booklet by BOS ICAI

Get Featured in SSEB Booklet by BOS ICAI

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Hello Everyone,

Get Featured in SSEB Booklet by BOS ICAI

ICAI has issued a new notification recently for students of all CA Levels regarding article writing for SSEB Booklet by BOS ICAI. Text of the notification reads as –

Share Your Thoughts to Get Featured in SSEB Booklet by BOS ICAI

Student Skill Enrichment Board, BOS (Operations)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
19th June, 2020


Student Skill Enrichment Board, BOS(O) of ICAI invites you to scratch your heads and share your original ideas on any of the below topics, laid down in the form of Article (paper/write-up) at link , please note below before submitting:

  • Word Document of 300-400 words limit.
  • A student can share the thought process on more than 1 topic also.
  • Slight modification of topic is allowed.
  • 20 best articles will be selected.
  • Students can submit Articles based on similar type of other topics also.
  • Copywrite to use the same will be with the ICAI.
  • Declaration at the end of an Article, stating the document is based on original thoughts and not copied.
  • The decision of ICAI will be final.

Topics to be elaborated:

1.Born to be a leader13.Passion for your Vision
2.Pleasant Personality14.Now or Never
3.Attitude +15.Mindfulness- A powerful tool
4.Effective Public Speaking16.The Power of +ve Affirmations
5.Art of Negotiation17.Willpower & Self Discipline
6.Kill the Stress18.Act and Listen
7.Time Management- Life Management19.Self-Acceptance, a tonic for self confidence
8.Life Skills20.Seek Positive People- Attack Negativity
9.I face CA Exam with glow on my face21.Empower Women –Seek Better Future
10.Meditation – Conquer the stress22.Constructive Criticism
11.Strengths & Weaknesses- Self Understanding23.IQ vs EQ vs MQ.
12.Be Optimistic-be Positive- Be Happy24. Any other related topic (Topic of your choice)

Students who can share their thoughts:

All Students pursuing Chartered Accountancy course are eligible to share the thought process.


Hurry!!! Last date of submission is 10th July, 2020.

Students Skill Enrichment Board, BOS (Operations).

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Official Link of above said notification can be accessed from below –

That’s all for now. Stay Connected for more such authentic updates.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram
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Get Featured in SSEB Booklet by BOS ICAI 8

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