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Hello All,

Everyday thousand of students are facing problem with respect to one or other ICAI compliances. There are many queries with regard to it like problems relating to Correction Window, Admit Forms, ICAI Virtual Classes, Articleship related compliances, ICAI SSP queries, Registration for ICAI Mock Tests & just numerous others which are hard to list here.

For all such queries, CA Study has launched a one for all unique platform where students can post their queries and CA Study Moderators & other students will help each other out. Similar topics are then grouped so that students can go through same & solve their queries on their own on the basis of similar problem faced by any other student.

Students will receive notification on their mail id which is registered with CA Study when they receive a reply on their query. Students can also attach media like pdf, images etc but attaching media is restricted only to users who are registered at CA Study. Students can simply click on “Connect Using” button at top of query room page & login using their preferred social media like Google, Facebook, Linked In or Twitter.

With this hope & without extending this article any further, students can find link to this ICAI Compliances Query Room by clicking –

Wish you all a Good Luck 🙂 Stay Home Save Lives 🙂

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