Analytical Essay Examples: 8 Mistakes to Keep Away from

8 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Analytical Essay Samples

An analytical essay is a type of academic writing that is based on an in-depth analysis of a problem or discussing an idea on the basis of a certain fact. If you check online analytical essay examples, you will see that the writers are usually asked to analyze a movie or a novel, to figure out its key problem or idea.

When working on analytical essays for college, undergrads tend to have some difficulties related to the deadline, the search for reliable materials, the logic associated with presenting the facts, and many other issues. In this article, we will discuss the main mistakes that students make when dealing with such assignments.

You Fail to Understand the Topic

More often than not, college students seem to misunderstand the essence of the analytical essay and its topic. As a result, they fail to complete a piece of decent quality. Make sure to immediately get the idea of what you’re required to achieve through your analytical writing. If you find it hard to, approach your college tutor for more information and guidance.

Your Essay Is Too Wordy

Your professor assigns you an analytical essay writing task that goes hand-in-hand with the list of requirements. One of them is the word limit. In other words, if you think about possible verbosity – you better don’t. It is absolutely worthless if it comes to analytical papers. In some cases, however, you will have to include more information to make sure your readers understand the topic. But be careful to include relevant materials only. Otherwise, you will distract your audience that will lead you to nowhere.

You Overload Your Essay

When writing an analytical essay, do not try to sound wise and know-it-all by using the words from online and printed encyclopedias. If you use them incorrectly, you’re going to lose your readers’ attention and your chances to get the highest score.

Your Sentences Are Too Long

Many college and university students think there’s nothing wrong with writing long phrases and sentences in an analytical essay. But the reality is that it is not. If your sentences are longer than the ones in your peers’ works, it doesn’t mean you’re going to get an A+. In fact, shorter phrases and sentences tend to produce a better effect. It is recommended to alternate long sentences in an analytical essay with shorter ones. When you’re done with your essay, ensure to read it out loud. What do you think? If you find yourself catching some breath in order to finish the sentences, break it into 2 or 3 smaller sentences.

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Punctuation, Grammar, Speech, Spelling Mistakes

Do not mix vocabulary from different centuries. Don’t use words in unusual meanings. Make sure you use pronounce correctly. Do not use emotionally colored and expressive words and phrases inappropriately. Stay away from jargon and outdated vocabulary. Always fix mistakes in building sentences and punctuation. Check the introductory words and transition sentences. Before the submission, you need to make sure your piece is of the finest quality possible.

You Plagiarize

Unfortunately, plagiarism is one of the obstacles on your way to the desired grades. College and university students usually take arguments and ideas from other sources when researching their topics for analytical essays. However, they fail to cite the sources while using the collected materials in their projects. As a result, they face some serious consequences that hurt both their academic progress and reputation in class. In order to stay away from plagiarism, especially unintentional one, it is important to write down all the sources that you take information from and mention it later in your analytical paper.

You Don’t Answer the Question

Your analytical essay may have a hooking introduction. It’s no doubt, you have used all relevant materials in it. However, your project will lose its value if you don’t answer an analytical question. The concluding paragraph can be a tricky thing to cope with because you have to link all the details together in it. Once you think you’re ready to submit your analytical essay, revisit your question and ask yourself if you have provided the right answer to it.

You Fail to Use Relevant Data

One more mistake students tend to make in the analytical essay is the failure to provide relevant data.  If your essay lacks relevant supporting materials, it will be rejected. Whatever argument you decide to include, ensure it is substantiated by relevant and solid data. The latter will make your points credible and get you more scores.

Now that you know what mistakes college students should avoid in an analytical essay, you will get more confident about your writing. Do not let silly mistakes spoil your work!

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