#Trending!! Workers at world’s largest Nutella factory on strike. Are you all stocked up?

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It would be safe to assert that Nutella is a global favourite as almost every person on the face of the earth is deliciously in love with the chocolate spread. But folks, we have bad news for you in case you belong to the aforementioned category.

More than half of the employees at the world’s largest Nutella factory in France are upset over their salary and working conditions and as a result of it, are on a strike. That has inevitably led to a halt in production. Reports suggest that the factory produces around 600,000 jars of Nutella every single day.

Workers and Ferrero – Nutella’s parent company – involved themselves in a dispute as 160 employees quit their jobs at the factory in France’s Normandy. As per a report in an international website, workers weren’t satisfied with their wages and also asked for better working conditions. In order to arrive at a conclusion, the workers will meet Ferrero on June 13.

It is not clear as yet whether the strike being observed by workers of the Normandy factory will at all affect global supply of Nutella. However, it must be noted that the factory is responsible for producing 25 per cent of Nutella in the world.

Ferrero, though, has told CNN that a stock of Nutella is reserved in the factory. “There are no current issues regarding the supply,” a spokesperson for the company was quoted as saying by CNN.

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Do you have enough Nutella at home to survive the month at the very least?

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#Trending!! Workers at world's largest Nutella factory on strike. Are you all stocked up? 1
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