#Travel!! 10 Haunted Places In Gurgaon That You Might Not Want To Visit

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The place is known for its sky-high buildings and splendid nightlife. If you are a guy with drinks as your fuel and dance as your appetite, you will love Gurgaon!

But if we are talking about the nightlife, an image of clubs, dance and drinks pop in our heads. What we do not see is empty roads, mysterious strangers, pitch black darkness and dread silence! All these factors are accumulating to be a perfect situation for a ghost hunt!

These are some haunted places in Gurgaon which will chill your thrill, satisfying your paranormal quest – 

1. Saffron BPO, Gurgaon

Working 8 hours a day on a typical office desk is a routine task for most of us. But sometimes your ordinary day could terrorise you, and we are not talking about your performance review. We are talking about your running speed when the devil chase. Can you out run it? Saffron BPO, a usual office building, its employees had no idea about the building being constructed over a graveyard. Who knows how many tombstones were dumped before this sky-high tower stood tall. There is a story, a spine rebelling story. There was a girl named Rose who used to work here. A young, energetic soul who was the kingpin of her work. One day in the evening, it was the closing hour when she got a call. At first, her colleagues thought it might be a client, but a typical client takes about 5 minutes, and she was talking for about 45 minutes now. Her friends barged the phone and found no one on the line; they ignored it though. The next day Rose didn’t show up, it was normal as everyone takes an unplanned leave sometime. She didn’t come the next day as well and the next and so on. The HR department tried to communicate with her landlady who quoted that no one named Rose ever lived here. This generated suspicion and the HR team contacted her parents to find that, Rose has passed away eight years before!  This topic raised a gothic horror among the working staff. Her best friend suffered a cardiac arrest when the reality unleashed. The authorities have tried their best to bury the story, but the lore keeps popping out. 

Haunted places in Gurgaon
2. Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon

The epic tale of the mysterious young lady, dressed in a white sari is known to all, might be because of the fame granted by the Hindi Cinema. But it might have some occult to it.  Till this day people have experienced the same story all over India. The monstrosity of a beautiful spirit chasing you late night on an empty road. 

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Mehrauli Gurgaon Road is no stranger to the story. Recurrent cab drivers driving late nights have sworn to witness the witch first hand. They described a beautiful skinny girl as pale as milk with pitch black hair. When they drove further, she transformed into a devilish figure with a tongue stretched long to her hands and luminous eyes. She runs before the cars trying to get a bite of life! 

MG Road Haunted
3. Sector 7, Gurgaon

Imagine living in your home; you could do anything, be anyone, that’s why we call it? Home Sweet Home?. But what if someone was watching you, someone seeing exactly what you are doing, even seeing you reading this article right now, creepy isn’t it! Imagine how a family would live in a house where you are not the master, you are being watched and judged, some other entity decides you will live here or discard you! Sector 7, Gurgaon has a building with its ground floor possessed by the supernatural. The families lived here have gone through a trail of unexplainable events. The spirits own this place; they turn the showers and light when they want, they even make physical contact with the families. It all started as fantasies, but the situation just got worst every next day!

The neighbours tell the story of a person who was killed in the bathroom of this flat, and claims to be his spirit who haunts the place now.

Sector 7 Haunted Gurgaon
4. Aravalli Biodiversity Park

A part of Aravalli Biodiversity Park that lies between Mahipalpur and Palam has a certain occult associated with it. Wicked practices of witchcraft, cannibalism, rituals of self-immolation, and sky burials are held late in the night. Natives believe that the spirits of a mentally disordered couple wander around the place. You probably know how notorious a living maniac could be, but an undead maniac? Even the thought gives me Goosebumps. 

haunted gurgaon
5. Farrukhnagar Fort

Fenced around the Sultanpur bird sanctuary is the exquisite piece of architecture, The Farrukhnagar Fort.  The red palace like structure is practically untouched. With its curved design and decorated edges come the blood red walls.  According to the local lore, an ancient spirit as old as the first brick itself guards the place. Anyone who dares to harm the place by any means pays a big price. Ages after the walls were built, tonnes of attackers took their turn to rob the place of its historical wealth. 

But the ones who stepped in the treasure room were thrown out. They struggled to see but their vision was snatched like a toy from a child, they all were blinded.

#Travel!! 10 Haunted Places In Gurgaon That You Might Not Want To Visit 1
6. Pahari Street

Just a glimpse of this place will give you chills. Pahari Street is a deserted patch with hardly anyone to chat.  Like other places, it has its fair share of authoring paranormal tales. People have reported a running car with no driver chasing you all around the Pahari Street. Even a regular bugler makes your heart pound but what about this guy? The chase continues till he has managed to strike your car with the divider. 
The car mysteriously vanishes after that! 

7. Cyber City, Gurgaon

Rumours are when a school was under construction; a certain eerie voice had doomed the place. The school had a hard time finding security for the night shift, anyone who spends a night here has abandoned the job on the following day. The screams of women and children, shouting for help hammered the eardrums of the security guards. The voices were coming from the inside of the building; the guards sniffed around the place to find nothing. Imagine a whole night of screams, when you cannot locate its origin. This leaves with two options either run or shut your ears till it’s all over! The first option is more appropriate though. 

Cyber City Haunted
8. Ashoka Vihar Flyover

Ashoka Vihar Flyover has a popular theory of a lady standing on the side of the road around 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. giving directions to the lost people. Well her ways were mysterious as the individuals in contact with her have experienced a car failure just a minute later, or worse her directions make them drive in a circle with every time the same lady standing in the same place! So, whenever travel through this highways, do not forget to change lanes after seeing this woman.

Ashoka Vihar Flyover

Just writing it was a hell of a ride! Don’t know what will happen when the paranormal comes face to face, will it be a beast, a hooded death-like figure or a friendly soul asking for help. Well, that’s something we need to check and find out!

9. Saraswati Kunj

Saraswati Kunj, a housing society that started back in 1983 is now popular name among the list of haunted places in Gurgaon. According to the stories narrated by the passerbys, it is believed that this creepy society is haunted by a 15 year old girl, possessed by a dual spirit of a man and a woman. The girl is believed to sit alone in the garden of the society at nights and talk to herself in both masculine and feminine voices, both conflicting in nature. This has been reported by many people and none of them have encountered the same during the daytime. Three decades have passed and the society continues to remain plagued by not just regulatory issues but also spirits who are keen to possess the bodies of others. So, if you see a little girl hissing something to herself around Saraswati Kunj society, walk the other way!

10. Apartment in Sector 56

Horror stories don’t seem to end in Gurgaon and this one looks straight out of a horror flick. The abandoned area, that is sector 56 has an apartment that houses silence and stories that will cause fear to run down your spines. This house in Sector 56 is believed to be haunted by evil spirits. The story goes that there was a lady, who was a resident of the flat and she experienced a series of uncanny activities. She could hear random knocks on the door, with no one outside. The lights would on and off. This is not the frightening part. A toy car would start moving on itself. With all these weird and scary activities a going all around, the family decided to move out. Till date, the house remains abandoned. Nobody dares to stay there. There is another story to the apartment in Sector 56. It is a story of a foreign expat who resided in the apartment due to work. Ever since he started living in the apartment, he started noticing some paranormal activities, random banging of doors, cries, and whispers from another side of the door. This disturbed and traumatized him into committing suicide. He jumped from the 13th floor of the building and is believed to haunt the area. If you are a thrill-seeker wanting to experience the place for yourself, you might as well start believing in these blood-curdling tales after you visit the place, even though they sound improbable.

P.P.S.- The article is sourced from researched information, the author, and Holidify.com and not trying to create rumors or insult any person or place. 

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Website: https://www.holidify.com
Author Name: Rishabh Thakur
Link to Native Article: https://www.holidify.com/pages/haunted-places-in-gurgaon-47.html

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram
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#Travel!! 10 Haunted Places In Gurgaon That You Might Not Want To Visit 2
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