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#Techy!! New Google Gestures, The Capital One Hacker & More News

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THE TOUCHLESS PHONE-GESTURES of the future are here, the Capital One hacker didn’t cover her tracks, and we’ve got some suggestions for cleaning up your air. Here’s the news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

Today’s Headlines

Google’s new gesture controls aren’t just for the Pixel

Google says the next Pixel will recognize “touchless gestures,” meaning you’ll be able to pinch and swipe in the air to move things on the screen. Just as the iPhone taught millions of people to interact with their world through taps and swipes, the Pixel might train us in a new kind of interaction that changes how we expect to operate all of our devices in the future. Soon, walking down the street turning imaginary dials in midair won’t seem crazy at all.

The alleged Capital One hacker didn’t cover her tracks

On Monday, the FBI and Capital One disclosed a data breach of 106 million credit card applications, one of the biggest breaches of a major financial institution ever. And someone has been arrested for the crime: 33-year old Paige Thompson. How did this criminal mastermind get caught? She posted the data to her personal GitHub account, which included her full name and résumé.

Fast Fact: 1.3 Million Pounds

That’s how much weight Ford’s new electric F-150 towed when the company tossed 42 gas-powered trucks onto a freight train and hooked their new electric truck to the front of it.

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#Techy!! New Google Gestures, The Capital One Hacker & More News 1
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