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Teacher’s Day Celebration – New ICAI’s Announcement

CA Study

Hello Everyone,

ICAI has issued a new notification regarding Teacher’s Day Celebration on 5th September 2019. The Text of the notification reads as follows –

Announcement on Institute Website

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India Board of Studies

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Teachers Day Celebration – September 5, 2019 Theme: “MY TEACHER – TORCH BEARER OF MY LIFE”

Articled/ Practical Training is the core to CA Curriculum and is its back bone. The Principal of Articled Trainee is the most important GURU/ Teacher for a CA student. Apart from academics, as the Principal, he imparts practical training on various areas such as auditing, law, accounting, management and so on. He teaches inter personal skills, guides for career growth and grooms articles to be an all rounded professional. The articled training is probably the only phase where a student has the same teacher for 3 years! The Principal – Article student is often known as a bond for life – it transforms life’s and careers of budding Chartered Accountants.

Articled Training is an embodiment of Guru-ShishyaParampara (गुरु  – शिष्यपरम्परा) in the modern day world where the student gets practical on-the-job training in the Gurukul (गुरुकु ल) of the Principal called CA Firm. In this Guru-Shishyaparampara of articled training, the Principal gets an opportunity to train the sishya on the fine art of practicing the profession of Chartered Accountancy. The Principal teaches finer and applied nuances of the profession and ensures that his articled trainees succeed in life by passing exams and handling professional work. He is actually the Guru/ teacher who brings to the profession successful Chartered Accountants, like himself throughout his career of over 40 years, wherein it is estimated that about 100 Chartered Accountants are trained and developed by

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him! The articled training is learning by doing and generally generates a lifetime bond of experience sharing. It is hence rightly said that:

Hindi English Meaning
गुरुर्ब्ह्र  मा गुरुर्वषर  ्ुुः गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरुः ।गुरुस्सा क्षात ्परर्ब्ह्म तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमुः ॥ GuruurBrahmaaGuruurVis hnuhGuruurdevoMahesh varah।GuruusSaakshaatPa rabrahmaTasmaiShriiGura veNamah॥ Guru is truly, the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwarah. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. I salute such a Guru.
    SarvaSrutiShiroratnaViraaj itaPadambujahaVedaanta ambujaSooryo Yah Tasmai Sri GuraveNamaha. That Guru who is the ocean of the Srutis (Vedas), the Sun of knowledge (who can destroy our ignorance with these rays), I salute such a Guru.

A teacher is like a potter who gives a perfect shape to his student. The important role played by the Principal is very well appreciated by the Chartered Accountants and aspiring CA Students. The Institute proposes to celebrate the great occasion of Teachers’ Day on September 5, 2019 to strengthen the relationship and bond between Articles and their Principal and also to ensure that Chartered Accountants pay respect due to their Principal. The objective is to strengthen the lifetime bond that has been fostered over the three years period of Article Training.

As we all appreciate, once a student greets his Principal as his Teacher, the Principal will in turn ensure that his Students learns the work very well, learns values, and quality of article

training shall improve. Achieving the Teacher status automatically changes the behavior, attitude and attention that we give to our students. Every Principal envies to be in that position. We all need to give, acknowledge and reserve the teacher status for our Principal – it is noble and every Principal is genuinely a teacher. On this Teachers Day, all Students shall connect with the Principal and all CAs shall connect back to their Principals. This shall be our resolve and earnest endeavor.

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On Teachers’ Day, a Principal has a dual role to play. He has been an article and is now a Principal and can well appreciate this relationship. On one hand, as an article, he would always be filled with thankfulness for continuous knowledge and experience shared by his principal and on the other hand, he would keep inspiring hope and instilling the love for learning to ensure that his articles turn out to be successful professionals like him. Accordingly, the following initiatives have been planned for this day:

Activity Particulars
      1. Webcast for the Event The BoS is going to also organizing a webcast from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon from ICAI, New Delhi on 5th September, 2019 which will be telecasted by the Regional Councils and Branches. The Link is:
  2. Mass Mails & SMS to Chartered Accountants and Article Trainees Highlighting the importance of Teachers Day for Chartered Accountants and Students with a request to felicitate their Principals
                  3. E-Cards and DP image to felicitate Teacher/ Principal at our website and on Social Media page. The best way a शिष्य/ Student can pay his/ her guru/ Principal the gurudakshina (गुरुदक्षिना)  for  helping  them  to  achieve their goal is to remember, respectfully appreciate and felicitating him/ her on this day. To enable the Chartered Accountants and Students to express their gratitude towards their Principals, dp and e-cards are made available on website and Social Media page. The Links are: Facebook :   Instagram :   Twitter :   YouTube :
4. Teachers Day Programmes contest at Regional/ Branch Offices of the Institute at Branch level and at National level. The event is also being celebrated across the country by our Regional Councils and Branches and also at CA Firms. Students are requested to join these programmes. The Prog Structure is uploaded on the

I request all Chartered Accountants and CA Students to actively participate in aforementioned initiatives of the Institute to strengthen the bond, affiliation and goodwill for the profession to grow by leaps and bounds.

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Warm Regards,

Chairperson, BOS and Vice Chairman, BOS

Official Link Published by ICAI in this regard can be accessed from below –

That’s all for now. Stay Connected for more such authentic updates.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram
Team CA Study

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