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Strategy for DT

*For CA final DT Strategy by Prof. Amit Rajpurohit, May 2018*

Hello Guys. Hope your ISCA paper was gud nw it’s DT time. Hope u done wd some rest and Snacks.. now you can follow following schedule for DT revision;

1. *Today’s Agenda*-: complete all the Amendment (3 hrs max- I m enclosing Amendments Video link of 2 hrs and Summary Notes) –

2. all important *Case Laws* (3 hrs Max.)
*Enclosing Video link and file of Important Case laws Notes*

*CA FINAL DT Case Laws with MEMORY TECHNIQUE by ARP Sir, 3 Attempt 100% success ratio @*

(Manage your dinner in between max 15 mins.)
Then take sleep for atleast 5 hrs.

*Notes of Amendment and Case Laws as per New pattern of ICAI*

*Next day on 13-05-2018 you should start at 6 am as follow.-*

1. *Complete PGBP (VVIP Sections 32, 43(1), 32AD, 35AD, 40A(3) 44AD@ 6%/8%, 44ADA) – max. 2.5 hrs.*
2. *Capital Gains- max. 2.5 hrs*
3. *Asst. Of Various Entities-:*
@ *MAT and AMT- max 1 hr.*
@ *Trust (115TD and Anonymous donation), Political parties(VVIP) and Electoral Trust- max 1 hr*
@ *Partnership Firm, LLP, AOP and BOI- 30 mins max*

Around 1pm- 1hr. Break for lunch and some rest.

From 2pm start again

2. *Assessment procedure (all sections but focus on Amendment part and sec. 147, 153A/C and Time limit for 139(5), 234F, 143(1), 143(3) & 144)- Max 3 hrs*

3. *Search and seizure including IT Authority and it’s Powers- max30 mins*
4. *Appeals And Revision( VVIP 263)- Max 30 mins*
5. TDS- 60 mins.
6. *Business Trust and Investment Fund & Securitsation Trust(VVIP topic)- Max 60 mins.*

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7. *Penalties and Misc. Topics – 30 mins (VVIP sections 269ST, 270A, 271AAB, 271AAC)*

8. *Settlement Comm- and Advance Ruling- 30mins.*

9. *Sec 269 SS & T, IFOS { 2(22)(e), 115BBDA, 56(2)(x), HP (sec. 23), Salary, Set off and CF (VVIP- HP Loss max 2lac) – 1 hour. {V. Imp. Sec. 115BBE- 68 to 69D taxable @77.25%, 115BBF}*

Den hv a light dinner around 9 pm and Start studies again at 9.30pm

10. *DTAA- (VVIP Sec. 91) max 30 mins*
11. *Transfer Pricing- (VVIP topics- CUPM, RPM, CPM and Range Concept, APA, 92CE, 94B) max 1 hr*
12. *Special Rates of Taxes – max 30 mins*
13. Advance Tax (VVIP 44AD & 44ADA amendment) and Interest u/s. 234 A/B/C- 30 mins
Then go to sleep and next day get up at 5:30 am and start studies at 6 am:
Exam Day

1. *6 am to 8 am-: again revise Recent Case laws of ICAI.*

2. *8.00am to 9.30 am- deduction under Chapter VI A and some important sec. Of 10 series including 10AA (VVIP).*

3. *9:30 to 10.30 – again revise all the amendments*

4. *10.30 to 12 – complete RTP*

Then have lunch and take some rest..

Be confident and stay positive..

Focus on your Target of Attempting 100 marks paper.

You have 1.8 mins for each Mark so every single minute is important

*Don’t think so much.. jus do it.. positive positive positive positive*

I am Available 24 hrs. You can make a Call, WhatsApp or Text personally at anytime..

All the very best guys

Prof. Amit Rajpurohit

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Strategy for DT 1

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