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Still Quiet ?? Won’t Be Right #DearICAI

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Hello Everyone,

The Chain of actions & the news that has widespread regarding wrongful means of Checking Copies of CA Students are not unknown now to anyone. It is generally said Silence is More Powerful Than Words, But Here is the Opposite.

Everyone is in rage & as long as ICAI keeps quiet, it won’t be right. The Rage will only blow.

We have simply put below the Papercuttings of different newspapers regarding the aforesaid subject & the views by some of the faculties of the country regarding this incident.


There isn’t much with regard to videos. Above 2 are the only ones we could gather.

The more we say about this matter, it will be less.

CA Study itself mailed regarding this matter to

  • President of ICAI
  • Legal Department of ICAI
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Secretary
  • Head of BOS

But as usual, there wasn’t a single reply from any one of the above.

We understand things like this takes time to investigate. But there should be a spokesperson from the ICAI to bring the reaction of ICAI regarding this matter & their future plans before all the students.

The longer the amount of time ICAI will stay quiet, it just won’t be right.

Sadly, the cost is time & not just money. Time is irreversible. ICAI need to firmly acknowledge it.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram
Team CA Study

Still Quiet ?? Won't Be Right #DearICAI 6

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