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How frequently should I revise, for maximum retention?It is said, ‘Out of sight, out of mind’. Revision is the most crucial part of the preparation. To understand this, let us take an example of a theory chapter of law.On day one, we study ‘Directors’. We will revise the same at day-end in one hour. Now, the second revision will take place on next day (i.e. 2nd day of the month).This would take only 30 mins now, as it has already been done the previous night. We will revise this chapter the third time on the weekend, in a maximum of 15 mins. The fourth revision will come in at the end of the month, where we will take approx. 7 mins to revise the same concept.Total time taken will be as under:Daily Revision Time: 1 hour (today’s topic) + 30 mins (yesterday’s topic) = 1.5 hrsWeekend: Above 1.5 Hrs + 5 days * 15 mins = Max 3 hrsMonth End: Above 1.5 Hrs + 7 mins * 28 = Max 5 HrsSo, by the end of the month, we would have completed the revision of the topic !exactly four times!Tips for StudyBased on above, the following are important tips:1.Study the concept from your existing notes/reference book.2. Practice writing from the practice manual (20% Qs)3. Prepare summary of all PM Qs (theory) and all-important adjustments (practical subjects)4. Frequent revisions based on above schedule5. Appear for test series and mock tests.

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