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Kit Specifications – 

  • 1 Colorful Main Book, 1 MCQ & Questions Book (Hard Copy Material).
  • Pen Drive or Google Drive Link.
  • Index Sheet
  • Video Lecture Guide

More About Classes –

  • Colored book
  • 3d & animation
  • Memory technique
  • Amendments for every attempt
  • Conceptual clarity
  • Free virtual test (only regular batch)

About CA Mahesh Gour – 

CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is a Chartered Accountant, PhD degree holder in Management of Taxation, and has completed his B.Com,, MBA in Finance, CCA, CFM, ADFM, DBA in Auditing and LLB (p). As a Professor CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is one such personality who has Ten Academic degree with the tittle of Memory Guru & Master Mind.

CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is a popular faculty for IPCC, CA Final & CS Final in Auditing and Indirect Taxation.He initially started his teaching with a power pact implementation of Memory Techniques. As a Professor CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is very successful throughout the country but along with it he is a well-known renowned Author of Indirect Taxation & Audit book for CA & CS Final & his books are published by India’s famous publication house based in Delhi, namely Lexis Nexis & Carniknowledge. His book on Indirect Taxation is one of the best written books on the subject in India. And this is so because his books are written in simple and easy to understand language, from which even a Non-CA person can read and understand the provisions.

He is also Nation famous for his super power memory. In fact he is the only Professor in the field who uses Mnemonics and Memory techniques while teaching .Lakhs of fans from all around the country are inspired by the Memory Techniques that he has developed & this is exemplary from the fact that once in seminar he had made 10th standard students memorize a CA Final Book with page number in mere four days.

In June 2008, during a seminar under Aaditya Foundation at Jaipur, on memory technique, CA Dr. Gour has made many CA & LLB students memorize 298 sections of Income Tax & Company Law in the short span of 80 mins. And it was during this seminar that another feather was added to his hat, when he was honored with the title of Master Mind & Memory Guru for his outstanding skill of memorizing.

CA Dr. Mahesh Gour is the founder of “Aaditya Foundation” (earlier known as Renaissance – A path to Success) based in Mumbai and established in the year 2005. Under the umbrella of Aaditya Foundation, the foundation conducts motivational lectures, & workshops on memory enhancing techniques, time management, Yoga Meditation, Personality Developments etc. Under this foundation CA Dr.Gour has delivered more than 1000 seminars on motivation and many more lectures on subject specific through memory techniques. The organization is well-established with its motto to lead people to achieve success in their lives, by helping them build positive thinking and by motivating them to think that no challenge is so big that it cannot be overcome. Aaditya Foundation, through such endeavors has helped many to change their lives for better and has turned into an inspiration for many more. Aaditya Foundation boasts an amazing track record of having brought a noteworthy change in more than 1, 50,000 individuals till date and looking forward to bring about a change in many more lives.

Offers Description

Refer & Earn – 

Let’s suppose Student X buys product P. If Product P is eligible for Refer & Earn & a certain % is provided along with other Product’s Description on the Product Page, upon successful purchase of Product, Student X will be assigned a Unique Code let’s suppose Unique Code Name is CASTUDYX01. If in the future, a friend of Student X purchases any product & enters the Unique Code on checkout page provided by CA Study to Student X. Then Student X will be given the % of Net Price of Product Price as commission. The commission % will be calculated on the Price of Product which is being purchased currently by a friend of Student X.  Upon successful Product Purchase by a friend of Student X, the commission amount will be credited to Bank Account or any other mode as applicable to Student X.

Cashback –

The product page will clearly show under Coupon Code Section that whether or not Cashback Scheme is available on a Product. If cashback is applicable, upon successful purchase CA Study will credit the required amount to Student’s Wallet which Student can use to purchase any product from CA Study in future. A unique feature of CA Study’s Wallet is that its amount can be transferred to another student’s account. Therefore, even if a student won’t purchase any Product from CA Study in future. Student can transfer the cashback amount to his/her friend who can use it in purchase of any product from CA Study.

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