CA Final New Syllabus Group II – Detailed Test Series


Pickups & Deliveries to most of the location has begun. Contact 82691-77887 to know delivery status of your location for this product. In case delivery is not possible to your location, Google Drive Link with PDF of books will be shared.

About Detailed Test Series : 5 Chapter-wise & 1 Full Syllabus Test Series for each subject. Test Papers will be provided on scheduled dates but students can attempt any time before exams. (Till 30th April for May 2020 Exams) Schedule of Detailed Test Series : Please Click Here to view/ download the schedule of Detailed Test Series. Elective Subjects Available –

  • Risk Management
  • Financial Services & Capital Markets
  • Economic Laws
  • International Taxation

For Elective Subject, Enrollment Student will need to select Elective Subject Option at the Product Page. At Checkout Page under Order Notes, Student will need to type the name of the subject he wishes to take enrollment for like Risk Management or Economic Laws etc.

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