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Hello Everyone,

Please read extremely carefully points mentioned below. These points are binding on all the CA Study App Users.

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1.  CA Study does not believe in promoting through wrong means any faculty/ coaching institutes/ author/ test series/ pen drive               class/ face to face class/ satellite class/ any other app by whatever name called/ any other website by whatever name called/ or           anyone or anything which CA Study believes falls in any of the category mentioned above. Wrong means here refers to seriously         manipulating Student’s decision by advising them. Therefore CA Study App Personnel’s won’t ever give any such suggestion               which favors anyone or anything & which manipulates a Student’s decision.
2.  Continuing the Point 1 above, CA Study strictly restricts it’s users to demand or give review about anyone or anything be it any            faculty/ author/ book/ pen drive or anyone or anything which CA Study deems against CA Study Terms of Use & Policies.
3. For Detailed Reading of CA Study Terms of Use, please find it in the Sidebar of CA Study App.
4. In case any category as mentioned in Point 1 above is Promoted by CA Study App itself. Such as Providing the separate section        for that category or a separate section in CA Study Post’s itself, then you will see any one of the words along with special                    characters as mentioned below – 
    (Ad) / ( Promo ) / Ad / Promo / (ad) / ad
5. Even if CA Study advertises any category as mentioned in Point 1 above. It does not mean CA Study has the right to advise /            suggest or in any way manipulate Student’s decision regarding any category as mentioned in Point 1 above. Our Advertisement/          Promotion will restrict to Ad placement on our various Platforms such as Permanent Feature of App, Ad Placement in CA Study          Posts etc
6. All our dear Users are expected to follow these Rules. In case any student is found to be breaching any rule, after one warning            user’s account will be permanently deleted from this App as well as blocking of his/ her ID on CA Study App.

That’s all for Now. Good Luck Hard Work !! 
Thanks for Your Constant Support & Love,For Team CA Study,Devansh Singh Gour,Developer cum Owner

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