Important Announcement Regarding ICAI’s Mock Test Papers for Nov 2019 Exam

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Hello Everyone,

This update is not related to any official notification by ICAI. However, it is definitely a official announcement by ICAI.

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Students were confused as to conduction of Mock Test Papers – II by ICAI for Nov 2019 exam. Since MTP I was postponed earlier via announcement at ICAI’s site., there was not enough time for conduction of MTP – II.

However, during the CA Student’s Protest, a webcast released by ICAI clarifies regarding this issue.

MTP – II will not be conducted AT ICAI’s REGIONGAL BRANCHES. However, the test papers for same WILL BE UPLOADED ON ICAI’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Well, to cross check above statement. Student’s can please check the embedded video below where CA Vandana mam, Head of BOS clearly speaks about same.

Please skip to 11:00 & then start listening;

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That’s all for now. Good Luck Hard Work!!

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram
Team CA Study

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