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Hello Everyone,

Belated Merry Christmas to all our Users & Happy New Year in advance.

Lately, when i was pondering over future of our app CA Study. I realized that it can no longer grow at my expected rate pace until CA Study do have a team. There are some New Features and Introduction of my Team Mates which i will be explaining below –

1. CA Study Notes Updates –

Now there will be daily update in this section for all the 3 levels that is CA Final, Intermediate & CPT / Foundation. We work for you by gathering non copyright notes from all possible sources, this in turn saves time of our Users which is The Prime Focus of our App.This work will be performed by following team mates –

Collecting CPT / Foundation Notes – Vishakha Kumawat

Collecting Intermediate Notes – Rishav

Collecting Final Notes – Deepika Sharma

Organization & Post Uploading work will be handled by

For CA Final – Bharat Gera

For Intermediate & Foundation / CPT – Gagan Rastogi

2. CA Study YouTube Updates –

This is New Section in CA Study App. We will be delivering YT Links of all the videos of Past 24 hours. This will save your time. You no more need to receive different notifications from different YT Channels on different times of day. A single post from CA Study will be enough to give you a idea of all the new videos uploaded on YT. There will be 4 Categories of this Section. Name of Categories & Respective Team Mates who will be handling this work is given below –

CA Final Link Collector – Shefali Ranka

CA Intermediate Link Collector – Shahul

CA CPT / Foundation Link Collector – Shahul

CA Miscellaneous Videos Link Collector – Shefali Ranka

Article Posting Work for all the above categories – Ruben Fernandes

3. Daily Quotes –

This is New Section of CA Study App. Every morning around 8:00 AM all our users will receive a push notification of Short Quote with a Good Morning Wish. It’s a psychologically proven fact. Just like if we listen to any song in morning, it keeps on repeating in our mind almost entire day. Similarly, some good words read in morning, if kept in mind & applied practically the entire day. These small lines can in turn bring some good Positive Turnaround in anyone’s life. This work will be handled by my team mate –

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Abhinav Bansal

4. ICAI Updates & Motivational Articles –

This is a existing feature of CA Study App. However to make these updates more frequently, i have included following team mate –

Himani Gulati

Now at least one article will be updated everyday in Motivational Articles Section. ICAI Updates will be posted on CA Study App in as close to real time as possible.

5. CA Study Whatsapp Groups –

This is a New initiative by CA Study. Boys & Girls who wishes to join our Whatsapp Groups can submit their details by clicking on more button on home screen then clicking on Whatsapp Group. This work will be handled by –

Boys’ Whatsapp Groups – Rishav

Girls’ Whatsapp Groups – Bhumika Achnani

6. Other Announcements –

We are working very hard on Store Feature & it will very soon go live.

We have recently tied up with CA Test Cart who will be providing their Test Papers free of cost to Students. We have created separate folders in respective Subjects under Library Section for ease of access. These Papers are for Intermediate & Final level Students. Every time new Papers are being uploaded to these folders, we will inform everyone by issuing a new push notification.

In case of any suggestion, appreciation or anything you can please comment on this post. We will be really happy to receive feedback from our users.

At last sorry for this late night notification. Day time is just way too hectic that it is hard to write a post with calm mind.

Good Luck Hard Work !!

Thanks for your Constant Support & Love,

For Team CA Study,

ca study

Devansh Singh Gour,

Developer cum Owner

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