For a Better User Interface – Website Under Development

Hello Everyone,

This is Devansh Singh Gour, founder of CA Study here. This is just a short announcement for our users.

In our constant endeavor to improve our platform for ease of access by students. We have begun working on our website again. Although the previous website was good enough, just good enough is not what we seek in our services nor in our life.

Therefore, at times it may happen that any user may face some issue with our website. Please bear with us for the time being, since this work is only to provide better native mobile UI experience to students.

Hope everyone is doing good with studies. A lot of ideas and plans are pending. With blessings of God and support of you guys. We will surely make it.

At length, till our next announcement please be patient. Although. we will try our best that front end UI doesn’t distort much in a way that it becomes impossible to operate website. But still trying out new things and testing them is necessary before deploying them finally.

That’s all for now.
Good Night ๐Ÿ™‚

For CA Study,
Devansh Singh Gour
Founder & CEO

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