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Exam Exam Exam : What All I Could See and Listen

I am Seema and today I would like to bring forward the common issue we all are facing during this time.

Exam exam exam

These words are so powerful that I can remember only these three words in my mind al the time.

I can’t learn even a single word of my book without these words surrounding me.

I was not able to escape from this haunting word. I know all management tricks that how to crack exams?

How to prepare for exams? How to achieve my target of passing the exams? But what is this yaar??

Every trick has the word ‘exam’ included in it. I want to escape from this terrifying word.

I want to learn and prepare all my books. I want to practice all the sums in my books.

But every day when I do study I feel fear from this one word.

Even when I try to study in the different corners of my room or my home, I was not able to escape from this word even for a single minute.

Actually, I think that all physical things are in my control. I can hide them. I can throw them. I can easily escape from them. But this word is in my mind.

I can’t see it but I can feel it. I can feel its presence. I can feel how strong is this word!!!

But suddenly, i listen and a voice and the voice is telling me something.

Don’t be afraid Seema. Don’t afraid. It’s just a word. It can’t harm you.

What will happen if you will give exams? What??….. You will fail.

Nothing more else. Nothing more.

Your life will not end right there. Your CA career will not end right here.

Your hope of becoming CA will not end and will still be there.

But being a failure is a very big matter.

I am not saying don’t bother about failure. I am just telling that failure is not dangerous and its not the end of the world.

It is a simple process just pass or fail.

Even when you pass, you have to still study some other books. Even you fail, you again have to study some books.

The difference is only that the books will be new or old.

If the books will be new then you will learn new things, you will read new concepts but if the books are old, then you will read those chapters which you had to skip due to lack of time.

You will have an opportunity to learn new things which you wanted to learn.

Even now you will have more time when compared to earlier.

You will have six months which is sufficient to better revise a group and you can surely clear the group.

Overcoming fear of failure is as hard as you make it. When you face your fears, you will realize that they are nowhere.

Yes, this is also true, a big truth and a feeling of relaxing is also occurring in my mind.

I can now feel that some fear about exams is going away and my body, my mind is feeling very very relaxed. But what about this time? Should I give the hope??

I want to clear my group this time. Now this voice again assures me that

Don’t give hope.

Hope is life, life is hope.

Even if you have only a single day in your life, then you should not give up your hope.

Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of the things that keep us moving forward.

Relax your mind and revise all your syllabus which you read already once or twice.

Divide your already studied portion of books into days so that you can revise/prepare for all books. Don’t start a new chapter for which you will have to give more time.

It is better to be fully prepared for 80% syllabus instead to be half prepared for 100% syllabus.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

Yes, I will study, I will do my preparation, I will be not afraid of my exams, I will give my best.

I will show to all that I can do and I will do.

And you????

Exam Exam Exam : What All I Could See and Listen 1


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