Good Morning Everyone,
Please find below the Downloadable PDFs of Newspapers –

E-Newspapers in the English Language –

Business Standard (Eng-24 May 2019).pdf

The Economic Times (Eng-24 May 2019).pdf

The Financial Express (Eng-24 May 2019).pdf

The Hindu (Eng-24 May 2019).pdf

The Pioneer (Eng-24 May 2019).pdf

The Indian Express (Eng-24 May 2019).pdf

E-Newspapers in the Hindi Language –

Business Standard (Hin-24 May 2019).pdf

Dainik Jagran (Hin-24 May 2019).pdf

Jansatta (Hin-24 May 2019).pdf

That’s all for today. Wish everyone have a Great day Ahead 🙂

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram
Team CA Study

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2 thoughts on “E-NEWSPAPERS FOR May 24, 2019”

    1. Devansh Gour

      Sorry, we can’t provide newspapers in regional languages. The reason behind that is there is not one regional language, there are just too many. Therefore, providing newspapers in one regional language and not for others will seem like being partial. Therefore, only English & Hindi newspapers are being provided.

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