#CorpoHacks!! Benefits and Importance of Cloud Computing for Tech Entrepreneurs

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The cloud is amongst the most powerful tools in any businesses today. Over the past decade, the cloud has diversified and changed the internet beyond recognition. Lesser cost, flexibility and stability are the basic benefits of cloud computing that are vital for tech start-ups to enable their survival and infrastructure.

It is the cloud that has made possible the creation of millions of apps used by billions of people. This is just one feature of the cloud; it also greatly amplifies computing power because programs running on the cloud can be powered by far more powerful processors and software than those found on individual servers, desktops, or laptops. Hence, the cloud allows smaller businesses to use data as easily as larger businesses can. Furthermore it has democratised app development by creating a level playing field for big and small businesses. As a consequence scale is no longer a differentiator. For technology entrepreneurs, the cloud is essential to their business in the following ways.

Cloud Computing Using Big Data Generates Insights

The term big data is commonly heard but less frequently understood. Essentially it is terabytes of data about consumers, businesses, trends, and much more that is contextualised using big data software.  In raw form, data generated by consumers is less useful; yet when analysed by big data software it reveals insights that increase sales and lead to the creation of better products and services. Today smaller tech entrepreneurs can use big data to increase sales, something only large entities could in the past. This is because data can affordably be stored and manipulated on the cloud granting even smaller businesses insights the largest ones take for granted. What otherwise could only be done using supercomputers can be done by data stored on the cloud. 

The Cloud Enables Collaboration  

Sharing data among employees is important especially when teams work in different offices. A tech entrepreneur may want finance data to be available to his accounting team at the same time he is looking at it. The cloud makes this possible and allows him and his accounting team to collaborate on data and change it in real-time. The cloud also makes data available whenever it is needed. So after an employee is finished working in an office on his desktop and is on the way home, he can still access the same data on his Smartphone or tablet while being driven.   

Its Low Cost and Keeps Data Secure 

India’s startups rely on the cloud because it keeps data secure. While a server may fail, the cloud never does. Data stored on the cloud is safer than data stored anywhere else. Hence no entrepreneur need fear losing data or fear data theft. Most data stored on the cloud is protected behind multiple layers of safety meaning business data and the data of customers is as safe as possible. 

The cloud also saves costs because it’s cheaper to store data on the cloud than on servers. Hence the advantages of a cloud are multiples of that of servers. 

No Need to Wait for Software Updates

When software must be updated it hampers productivity. Software on the cloud is updated automatically eliminating the need for organization-wide software blackouts. Entrepreneurs accustomed to maintaining high productivity levels have a friend in the cloud because it allows them to work unhampered.   

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Sharing Data is Easy 

No business is an island because businesses work with suppliers and customers with whom data must be regularly shared. The cloud makes sharing data with customers effortless because it’s available anytime and can be shared in seconds. A customer who needs to confirm the configuration of a new app can be shared the necessary information in seconds.

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The cloud has been transformed beyond its creator’s imagination. What began as a buzzword for a new possibility has reshaped the internet into a more cogent, friendly, and easy to use technology. Its benefits and importance to entrepreneurs are manifold and multifaceted, those familiar with the technology understand this well.

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