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CA Intermediate Notes Updates (07 May 2019) for May 2019 Exam

Hello Everyone,

Please find below the links to Preparation Resources updates by CA Study. These files/ links are also uploaded in CA Study Library Section of Application & on library in respective subjects.

Costing 1 Day Revision Notes by Raj Awate Sir –

Basic Cost Concepts 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Material 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Contract Costing 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Overheads 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Labour 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Activity Based Costing 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Marginal Costing 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Standard Costing 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Operation Costing 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Joint Product & By Product 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

Cost Accounting System 1 Day Revision Notes.pdf

All MTP II Intermediate New Syllabus Questions Papers & Suggested Answers.pdf

Advanced Accounts Revision Notes by Jai Chawla Sir.pdf

Eco for Finance Notes by Mahadev Sir.pdf

EIS MCQs Book by Jignesh Chheda Sir.pdf

Corrections in EIS SM MCQs by Swapnil Patni Sir.jpg

Please note we try our best to provide latest notes which includes all amendments for upcoming attempt as well as we try to name the file in correct manner. However, since it involves human efforts, mistakes are unavoidable. If you come across any such mistake please feel free to inform us by posting a comment in this post or by clicking on bottom right whatsapp floating button. We will be glad to rectify our mistake.

Also we try our best to provide NON COPYRIGHT NOTES only. However if any student/ teacher or anyone else comes across any notes which breaches Copyright. Please let us know by commenting on the post or contacting us via whatsapp by clicking on the button in bottom right.

That’s all for today. We will Come Back Tomorrow with more updates.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram
Team CA Study

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