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CA Final Topper Interview:CA Final topper study plan, topper history and his inspiration

CA Final Topper Interview: Being Born in the Indian family he was always inspired by his father, his motivation and the soul reason for being the topper in CA Final is his Father.

Something that was motivating him since his child hood was his father work and his father being a CA. He seen his father working as a CA and he was always inspired be the fact CA- Chartered Accountancy is considered one of the toughest course to clear in India. With passing percentage less than 5%, there are presently around 2.5 lakh members for a country of 1 Billion.  He want to be the part of that percentage of people where success cant be just a number it will be more than that. And be the part of CA group in India. His interest can be seen from his past as he topped in CA IPCC 2014 and now completely he topped in CA Final 2017 and he now can live his dream. Being a CA by his own. That’s why it said that ” DO HANDWORK TILL YOUR INSPIRATION DON’T BECOME YOUR RIVAL”,.

CA Final Topper Interview: Agathiswaran S. the 2rd rank holder who hails from Vellore is the son of a CA and his father has been a source of inspiration for him to reach this threshold. Because of his father he was very interested to become CA. His dream came true after he topped in CA Exam.

CA Final Topper Interview:CA Final rank tips-CA Final AIR 1  Raj Paresh Sheth interview

CA Final Topper Interview: Dombivali’s Raj Sheth, 22, topped the exam nationally with an aggregate score of 78.75% (630 out of 800 marks) and Krishna Gupta, 22, ranked third.

“I’m very happy to clear the exam in the first attempt. I have started working with a firm for my articleship and plan to study further before looking for a job,” said Sheth, who graduated in BCom from R A Podar College in 2016 with 87%. His father retired from a diamond industry job some years ago and his two older sisters are in the service industry.

Meet Raj Paresh Sheth All India Rank 1 CA Final May 2017 who hails from Dombivali, Maharashtra.  Let us find out what his strategy for the exam was, what suggestions he has for other students and aspirants & how he has achieved this success:

First of all many congratulations to you 

Thank you so much.

Can you describe your feelings at this moment?

It’s an awesome feeling. I am elated and am currently on cloud nine. When President Sir called me at 11.15 in the morning, I started crying out of happiness. It was an awesome feeling and I m feeling just great.

And what was the reaction of your parents?

When I shared this news with my mother, she also started crying out her emotions of joy and proudness. There were tears in their eyes as it was a dream comes true for me. There were mixed emotions – they were crying but at the same time, they were also very happy.

Were you or your parents expecting a rank?

Ya, I was expecting a rank but not AIR1. As I secured AIR 10 in IPCC, my coaching teachers then told me that I would definitely secure AIR 1 in CA Final. From that moment, I had started taking my studies seriously. I had started studying regularly right from the beginning. I was not expecting an AIR 1 but yes, I was sure that I would be securing a rank in CA Finals. The efforts that I had put in were very high and this is how I succeeded in securing AIR1.

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When you got to know that you are AIR1, what was your first reaction?

There were tears of joy in my eyes when I got to know about my result.

Whom would you like to give credit for this success any special person you would like to thank?

CA Final Topper Interview: Firstly, it would be my parents and my two sisters. They had always supported me; may be financially, emotionally or mentally. Secondly, my coaching classes. I had been associated with my coaching classes since my 11th standard. The coaching teachers taught me in a very good way which had helped me to crack CA Final. Thirdly, I would like to thank my Articleship firm because they were supporting me, listening to me firmly and always gave me the liberty to attend my classes, whenever I have to and they never forbade me in any way. So, these are the things which I can credit to my success.

How important is preparing your own notes? Did you prepare any notes while studying and what would be your message to those students who just kept on reading and didn’t prepare any notes?

CA Final Topper Interview: Note preparation is very important not for revision but for that one and a half day that you get prior to exam because if you have the notes / flowcharts with you, you can remember the data.

For e.g. in Law, there are different types of punishments and different types of numbers to remember. So, note preparation is very important not for revision, but for preparation during those one and a half days. So, I would suggest to those students who keep on reading and not prepare notes – to start preparing the notes that would be beneficial for them during those one and a half days.

Raj it is a big achievement at your part i.e securing AIR 1 in CA Finals but many students are there who could not achieve this despite the hard work. So, what would be your message to those who could not clear the exam?

CA Final Topper Interview: Firstly, don’t get disheartened. It’s just that you are putting your full effort but there’s somewhere something which is evading you from focus. If not now, then the next attempt would be yours.

Secondly, change your attitude towards studies. Most of the students study in the last 3 or 4 months before the exams. But CA is a course where one has to start studying right from Day 1. I used to study 2 hours at the beginning and then gradually increased it to 13 to 14 hours in the last 3 to 4 months. So, have the regular studies going on and refrain from social media. I m not saying that you should completely refrain from social media like Facebook, Whatsapp etc. but you should try to balance it with the studies and use it minimally. Thirdly, many people avoid study materials provided by the Institute. They find it to be complicated but it’s not like that. I have studied completely from the study materials and practice manuals. And I have referred to very few reference books. So, don’t ignore study materials provided by the Institute.

Can you give details on your study planning and your strategy to mitigate the challenges to gather focus?

CA Final Topper Interview: In the first two years, I used to study regularly for two hours atleast. Then, during the third year, I have started planning for managing the entire syllabus in those one and half days, keeping in mind my exams because I knew I could easily study Law / Audit in 4 days. So, what would I do if I get one and a half days during the exam days? It was like – how should I strategize my studies so that I can completely cover the entire syllabus in one and a half day. I used to revise fora couple of days and then I started rehearsing. For e.g., I am taking Law in Wednesday morning, so I made a strategy that I should complete it by Thursday afternoon. So, this is how I rehearsed where I could utilize that one and a half days which I got during the exams. So, completing your studies during these one and half days is very important.

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4 months before the exam I fixed my schedule from January. I made a schedule for 4 months – from January to April. There were my classes on Mid-March. So, for me, it was like; I should complete the syllabus atleast once before Mid-March. So, in those 3 months, I used to study 14 to 15 hours everyday. I won’t say that I used to study for 14 to 15 hours at a stretch. After 3 hours of study, I used to take a break for half an hour for my recreational activities like listening to songs or watching TV etc. And, then I used to jump to studies but in those 3 months, you should be very cool and calm and you should have a proper meal because your energy gets used up in those 3 months. Have proper food and be cool and calm and yes, I believe that while studying 14 to 15 hours during those 3 months it is very important to keep a proper eating plan. It should be like – Heavy breakfast, heavy lunch and very light dinner. So, I used to avoid oil and cheese during my dinner as I had to study during the night  and so that I don’t get dozed off and able to study till 3 or 4.

So, what did you do to keep yourself calm and remove the stress?

CA Final Topper Interview: I just remembered MS Dhoni. The way he kept calm even during the tensed moments and this is how it worked for me. I just thought 15 minutes before the exams that I am on a pitch, I like cricket so much so I am giving you the same example, that I am the opener and the bowler would bowl me a googly or a bouncer or a yorker or something but I just need to defend and need not be afraid. So, I just need to defend and go on with the flow and once if I am on the pitch (say) for one hour then I can go on with the flow of writing the answers with good presentation.

How important is this achievement for you?

CA Final Topper Interview: It’s very important because I see that CA is not the end – it’s the beginning of a very good career. It’s like a passport where you can go out of India. As I have secured a rank with good marks and grade, this will help maintain my speed and pace accordingly and will help me to go ahead in my life.

So, did you face any hurdles in this journey – something which you can share with us?

It was a roller coaster ride for me. I remember after giving my IPCC exams, I was a bit confused and wasn’t sure if I could pursue further.

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Then my sister gave me the support and said that CA is one of the greatest course that one would aspire for and you have worked very hard for IPCC exam. Let the result of IPCC come, then we would sit together and decide and I said ok and then I secured AIR 10 in IPCC. She then just said that you can delete that “0” and get rank 1. So, just go ahead.

Frankly, I liked Accounts and Taxation as well and then my Articleship firm was very good. It was amazing. There w full liberty and no interference from their end. There were situations, where I had to leave my office at 6:30 to attend my classes by 7:30. So, to travel in one hour in that crowded Mumbai train proved to be painful physically if not mentally. I am also suffering from some arthritis so physically, it was difficult for me but I kept going but I took medicine or some massage from my sister or mother sometimes.

How is your health now?

It’s fine now. After my exams, I had taken care of my health and its fine now.

Was there any time where you felt very low and needed motivation?

Yes, there was a time when I was very low last year in December. I was not sure if I would be able to crack it or would be able to get a good job. But, then my sister was the one who boosted confidence that CA is one of the dreams which can be easily cracked by me and said to just go on with the flow.

How important Articleshipis in a CA student’s life?

CA Final Topper Interview: Articleship is an important phase of CA career because even if you pass the degree, you have to pass it for an interview and that is where the knowledge of the Articleship comes into account. It’s not like Big4 Articleships are good because I personally feel that Big 4s are just institutes of some outsource companies for three years but if you join an excise firm (like I have also joined an excise firm for the same reason), I have got to do practice, I have got to do taxes – direct tax as well as indirect tax. I have got to do the audit as well. I have got to incorporate a company as well. It was like an overall exposure which I got in my Articleship firm. Now, I am in full-time GST consultant in my firm and I have already given lectures in GST. Compared to it, if I would have joined a Big 4, I would have stuck to just one field and that is not what Articleship is for. So, joining the excise firm, I got to have an overall exposure in different fields.

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