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CA Final Law Recommendatory Schedule

How to revise Law in 5 days effectively and efficiently giving 10 hours a day plus keep one hour extra to give test on daily basis.
This is just a recommended schedule by CA Sanidhya Saraf Sir.
Students can modify it as per there own convenience.

Day 1

Dividend- 1 hour
Company Account- 3 hours
Compromise and arrangement- 3 hours
Oppression and mismanagement- 1 hour
Revision of above topics again- 2 hour

Day 2

Section 149-172- 4 hours- use directors summary notes
POMLA- 1 hour
Banking Regulation Act- 1 hour
Competition- 2 hour
Revision of all section again- 2 hour

Day 3

Section 173 to 192- 3 hours- use directors summary notes
Section 247-252- 1 hour
SCRA- 3 hours
Interpretation of statutes- 2 hour
Revision round- 2 hour

Day 4
IBC Question Bank I provided – 3 hours
Section 196- 204- 1 hour- use director summary notes
Investigation- 2 hours
Producer co- 2 hour
Revision round- 2 hour

Day 5

Sebi icdr- 2 hour- just do my Allied summary
Fema- 2 hour- just do my allied summary
NCLT, Miscellaneous- 3 hour
Winding up- 2 hour.
Give importance to following sections in winding up- 271,272,326, 327,328,332,333,348. Don’t put much stress or take too much load for the chapters.
Secretarial practice- 1 hour- just PM.

Tips while preparing
1. Do the director summary and allied summary provided by me a no of times.
2. Section 123 to 252 should be very strong.
3. Do the PM Sheet provided by me. I will also share the question bank of ibc and compromise.
4. Do the selective coverage of Sebi icdr and winding up so that you can revise other topics maximum no of times.
5. MTPs and Rtps and past is a must for Law. At least 4 MTPs and 6 rtps are recommended.
6. Don’t panic so much for amendments because it’s not major. I will upload 2 hour amendment class in October first week .
7. Don’t go by word to word studies. Rather pick up the concept, understand, select key words and repeat the same again and again.
8. Try to study 12 hours instead of 10 given in the schedule and use the extra 2 hours for revision of the previous day’s topic.
9. Don’t panic seeing new questions. Remember it’s for all. Just be calm, do whatever u can and whatever you know. Then think to answer the answers which u Don’t know in a logical manner.
10 . Hear the voice clips on a daily basis . They will help you to revise Law multiple no of time’s. Also I am going to upload entire law revision in around 8 hours. That will help you a lot.

Do remember that the volume u study does not matter. What matters is how much you can learn, retain and reproduce. So study wisely.
All the best.

Your friend , mentor and guide.
CA Sanidhya Saraf.

CA Final Law Recommendatory Schedule 1


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