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I am CA final old course student. Converting to the new course now.
Is it compulsory to do advance ITT before appearing for finals on May 22 as per the new syllabus?

As per FAQs provided by ICAI, if the student has appeared for exams even once in the old syllabus then no need to do advanced ITT and MCS before exams. If a student didn’t appear at all for exams in the old syllabus then yes advanced ITT and MCS need to be done before appearing for CA Final Exams.

For converting from old to new course previous year mark sheet is required. What does it mean? Does it mean IPCC Results or ca final old syllabus results?

Last passed mark sheet of IPCC if converting for final’s both groups. If converting to a new syllabus for a single group only and another group you have already passed, then mark sheet of that particular group which you have passed.

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