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Beware of Rumors !! Don’t Let Them Fool You !!!


Hello Everyone,

It’s been long time i have been thinking to update my users regarding this topic. It’s just enormously increasing now a days & Students have no idea what really is going on behind the walls.

So jumping onto topic directly without wasting anyone’s time here anymore.

In each attempt before results we come across a lot of Articles/ Videos/ Status Updates etc by different sites, applications, YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages etc which claims that result will be on this date and it’s through a internal source and all the other blah blah that they can share.

Try to understand the Motive behind such deeds. I will in short explain below the motive –

  1. Increasing Traffic to their website, Number of views on articles etc.
  2. Increasing YouTube Subscribers / Facebook likes/ Email Subscribers etc.
  3. Individuals doing this is to increase their name and fame etc.
  4. And just a lot of reasons that if i will start sharing, it will just take an hour or so.

Do you guys know that payment to many sites channels etc. are made on the basis of LINK CLICK. That means higher the number of clicks on a link higher will be the amount of income earned through unfair means.

Even if the information is through authentic internal source. Why not wait for ICAI to officially announce first ?? Doing internal source thing will do only one thing CREATE RUMORS. 

Now the Question is Why is it wrong?

First of all spreading rumors is in itself a foolish thing to do. Secondly doing it to publicize a app or site or whatever or to earn money through it is like a foolish cherry on the already foolish cake.

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It wastes a lot of time of students. Think with the perspective of a macro not individuals. If someones updates saying it’s internal source information this this will be the date etc. & currently that “Someone” has students connections of around 250 ( Taking the lowest possible figure ). Now if each student even shares this update with suppose 5 friends then number is 1250 students and then it goes on … It converts to thousands in minutes and to lac in hour. What next happens is students feel anxious they try to call each other confirming whether his update is authentic, some check website but the worst thing that happens is Contacting ICAI Through Calls & E-mails. Now ICAI Personnel suggest to check their official website about notification, if there will be any update they will announce the same on their website. But if you guys will think this with the macro perspective then a single update from that SOMEONE just disturbs a whole lot of things.

What we Students need to do now ?

Well i won’t tell you to subscribe to our site or install our App or anything like that. Definitely we will update about Result Date. But only when it is officially announced on ICAI website through a notification by them. But as a Student or to be a informed & wise Student you can follow below steps –

  1. Search on your browser. Don’t worry site is same for Desktop & Mobile. Only Layout changes when it is used through Mobile.

2. Latest Notifications by ICAI appears in the area i have marked in below image.

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New Announcements appears in the marked section.

3. If new notification is issued by ICAI then it will look in the section marked in above image. Alternatively Their is another section where ICAI publishes notifications for Students. Please find below the attached video describing how to access it.

Video Explaining Procedure to Access BOS Announcements Section

4. I am also sharing the link to the page which is shown in above video.

5. Now thing is will you check again and again and again on sites above ?
You can do a very simple thing. Go to URLs through your mobile mentioned above. Click on the menu button of your browser and click on Add to Home Screen Button. This will add a icon to that page on your mobile homepage so you can simply access it with one click. This will save your time.

It is really pathetic that even the Central Council Members are not trying to understand this very fact & just to publicize themselves they are updating it on their Twitter accounts BEFORE OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION BY ICAI.

In the past too & today itself. I think Central Council Members should think first about Students then about ICAI & then about themselves. But looks like they are following reverse order.

Anyways guys this is all for now. We will update everyone on our Application through Push Notification as close to real time as possible when ICAI ISSUES OFFICIAL NOTIFICATION ON THEIR WEBSITE.

Thanks for Reading this Article.

Good Luck Hard Work !!

For Team CA Study,
Devansh Singh Gour
Developer cum Owner


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