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Trick to Know Top CA Articleship Firms in Your City:

One of the big questions that students face is, how to filter out good CA Firms, out of the hundreds that are there in the market.

The solution for this is very simple.

Follow the steps below and you will get the answer:

1. Select any city where you are interested in joining for Articleship.

2. List out top and major companies in that city, using google maps.

3. Go to MCA Website and download Annual Report of each of these companies (These companies will also make the Report available on their website), for free.

4. Check the name of the Audit Firm who have Audited those Financial Statements.

5. From this, make a list of Top CA Firms accessible to your location.

This way, you can get the list of top CA Firms in any city in India.

Note that a Top Firm may not be the Best one for your needs. This procedure is just to speed up the process.

Check out ‘FinApp Connect’ –

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