List of Countries Accepting CA Qualification for Jobs:

There are many companies being run by Indians in these countries.

So, they are now preferring Qualified CAs from India, for jobs in their Accounting Dept (As per info got to FinApp).

Companies from following countries are hiring Chartered Accountants (CA Only).

The order is based on highest demand from top to bottom.

1. Uganda
2. Nigeria
3. Dubai
4. Kuwait
5. Singapore
6. Jamaica
7. Saudi Arabia
8. Philippines

List for Joint Qualification like CA+CFA, or CA+CIMA or CA+ACCA etc:

1. Australia
2. UK
3. Sweden
4. Germany
5. South Africa
6. Canada
7. USA
8. Norway

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Edited : *Don’t take literal meaning of the word ‘Country’ as Dubai and Saudi are not countries. Take it practically.

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